Merlin 100 UL


Czech UL 2, German LTF


Single-seat, single-engine high-wing (no struts) airplane. Front-wheel (steerable) nonretractible undercarriage. Horizontal tail unit is mounted on the rear fuselage. Full metal (Al 6061) airframe, fiberglass main landing gear leg.

The trapezoidal wing is twisted both aerodynamicly and geometricly . The two-spars construction is supplemented with two longitudinal stringers. Transverse construction consits of ribs. The wing is equipped with slotted flaps and ailerons on the trailing edge and integral fuel tanks in the leading edge.
Installing the wing to the fuselage is realized by means of a center wing section (firmly embedded in the fuselage) and beam hangers.

Fuselage is of a rectangular shape with round edges in the engine and cabine areas. The rear part is round. Construction is half-shell structure with longitudinal stringers and bulkheads.

Empennage is standard. The horizontal tail unit is mounted in the fuselage with a straight trailing edge. The vertical stabilizator is swept backward.

Control system is made of push/pull tubes (elevator and aileron) and steel cable (rudder). Flaps are extendend manualy by a lever. The wheels of main landing gear are equiped with hydraulic brakes.

Undercarriage is classical three wheels with steerable front wheel. The main landing gear leg is running fiberglass construction built in the fuselage.

RotaxEngine 582 is gasoline, water cooled 2-stroke 2-cylinder. Maximum power is 64 HP. The prop is three-blade carbon and it is ground-adjustible.

Motor Rotax 582

This two-cylinder, two-stroke engine with a power output of 64HP can cruise at 75% at 190km/h. The fuel consumption is 13L/h.

Maiden flight

The 1st prototype flew in 2009. The maiden flight of the 2nd prototype took place on 1st July 2011.

Future variants

- Tail wheel
- Floats
- Two-seater


Dimension m
Wing span 7,8
Height 2,12
Lenght 5,3
Cockpit width 0,7

Speed km/h
Stall speed with flaps 62
Stall speed 75
Maximum cruise speed 190
Maximum horizontal speed 235
Never exceed speed 240
Dive speed 265

Weight kg
Maximum take off weight (with/without BRS) 300
Empty weight 180


Flying with Rotax 582
Flying with Rotax 582
Flying with Rotax 582
Flying with Rotax 582
Flying with Rotax 582
Flying with Rotax 582
Flying with Rotax 582

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